Asia Bizz: Saudi Arabia King Abdullah Had Urged US To Attack Iran’s Nuclear Program: Wikileaks

The Wikileaks documents have disclosed another shocking revelation, which alleges that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah had consistently asked the United States of America to attack Iran, because of its nuclear program. On the other hand, it is reported that China was the one who undertook the cyber attacks on the US in the year 2007. The leaks which were finally published on Sunday have pointed that US diplomacy is quite undermined.

Wikileaks stated that their website was officially under attack and none of their underlying cables were visible. This has now raised concerns over US. During the year 2008, it was written that the Saudi King stated to ‘Cut off The Head of the snake’, which was a direct threat to a country.

During the 2007 Google website attacks, China is clearly blamed for this act in the documents, which raises the question why weren’t we told about this. The attack was allegedly carried as a sabotage by the Chinese government and other private firms.

Source: Reuters


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