Asia Bizz: Google To Acquire Groupon For $6 Billion

There was a huge rumor on the web that Google had acquired Groupon, but the fact is that the search giant will be acquiring the company very soon, and it states that it will worth every penny spent. Google had reportedly proposed $5.3 billion to purchase the group-buying company, but later also added $700 million according to its performance.

According to the Times, it is said that acquisition will be taking place this week, and it will the biggest acquisition by Google till date. Earlier this year, Yahoo had shown interest to purchase this company, but it was dwarfed when Google stood with its $30+ billion cash reserve.

In the past, Groupon has helped various companies to boost their value in the market and while Google steps in to purchase this company, it will never be a bad deal for them at all. But still, there are question raised by many experts whether the acquisition is overpriced or a genius move.


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