Asia Bizz: European Commission Launches Investigation Into Google

In the recent news from the European Union, Google has been cornered by the European Commission, who states that the world’s most prominent search provider has abused it’s dominant position on the web. The commission states that it has received complaints from other search providers that Google was placing their services results very low in the search results, and it gave itself the first preference.

A statement released from the commission states “This initiation of proceedings does not imply that the commission has proof of any infringements. It only signifies that the commission will conduct an in-depth investigation of the case as a matter of priority.” For the moment they have not been provided with any sort of firm evidence which reflects that such unfair business is taking place on the web., a German subsidiary of Microsoft, was the first to report this matter and the European Commission had a look at in the month of February. Google provides two types of search results – one is the free search or natural search, and the other search results shown on the top right hand side of the search page, is the third party search or paid search.

The commission has stated that it will be looking into the matter to see whether Google has indeed been partial from their side when it comes to unpaid search results.


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