Asia Bizz: Finland’s Finnair Has Cancelled More Than 100 Flights

Finland’s prominent air carrier, Finnair has cancelled more than 100 of it’s international and domestic flights. The cancellation was followed after the in-flight cabin crew went on a massive strike in the country. But the strike did not enter into action, as the Finnish Cabin Crew Union had last minute negotiations and called off the strike.

Reports state that Esa Lonka, the state labour mediator stated “Our priority is to fly to main destinations like Stockholm, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen and Dusseldorf,” According to a spokesperson from the Union, the holiday charter flights will be flying as normal, and it has not been affected by the cancellation of the flights.

The flights to Saint Petersburg, New York, London, Bangkok and Tallin have been cancelled. Hanna-Kaisa Nurmi is the spokesperson of Finnair and has said that on Wednesday they will be cancelling the same number of flights as of Tuesday. In conclusion, she added that it all depends on the how the negotiations work out.

Source: AFP


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