Asia Bizz: Airbus To Upgrade A320 To Boost International Sales

Airbus, commercial aircraft manufacturing giant is looking forward to upgrade the A320 airliner in a move to boost its international sale in the market. The main upgrade will be the new engine which will come with the latest A320, for these engines will be saving 15% fuel during the flights and hence profiting the airline company as well.

Photo: EADS

The upgraded version of the A320 will be called the ‘A320neo’ which is scheduled to be launched sometime in the year 2016. The engines will be provided by Pratt & Whitney a Joint Venture owned by General Electric and Safran. A spokes person from Airbus states that the company predict there will be selling of at least 4000 A320 units in the next 15 years.

Airbus also says that the project of upgrading the A320’s will be costing them a little over a billion Euros.The upgrades have come up to challenge the rivals from Canada and China who are threatening Airbus and Boeing in the international airliner market.

Source: Reuters


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