Asia Bizz: Wikileaks Says Bank Of America Is The Next Target

Wikileaks has recently disclosed that very soon the Bank of America will be the next target for being exposed to the world. The bank on the other hand has said that there is no credible evidence to the fact, that there is any such disclosure meant for the people. After Julian Assange promised that Bank Of America too will be exposed very soon, the bank’s stocks surged like rock from the sky, pushing it to an all time low, which has not been witnessed since last year.

In a Forbes magazine interview Julian Assange, told that during the early 2011, he will be exposing secrets about the Bank of America, which is one of the most prominent bank in the US. It will include some tens and thousands of documents which will be reflecting the unspecified unethical behaviour of the bank.

During the interview he did not speak much about which bank will it be nor did he even mention the Bank of America, but rather in the year 2009 during the Computerworld event he said that his website has 5 gigabytes worth priceless information regarding the Bank Of America.

Source: kansascity


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