India’s telecom service provider, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), has announced that it will cut rates of its subscriber trunk dialing (STD) tariffs. Reports state that the revised tariffs will be automatically applicable from the 1st of December 2010.

According to reports, all BSNL customers will be able to make STD calls from their BSNL landlines to other fixed landline customers across the India, at a revised rate of 80 Paisa for three minutes, up to 300 calls – which will go up to Re. 1 and up to a maximum of Rs.1.20. Earlier, BSNL users made the same calls at 80 paise per two minutes.

The revised rates will also automatically apply all BSNL fixed line users in the country, and it will not be applicable to public call offices (PCOs), as well as for calls to special services.

BSNL, with the improvements in tariffs, is expecting an increase in the fixed line traffic in its network.


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