Asia Bizz: 2 Million People In The US Lose Jobless Claims Just Ahead Of The Holidays

Some 2 million people in the US have lost their jobless claims, just ahead of the upcoming holiday season. The steady flow of a meek income for the jobless people was disrupted and this has now made matters worse for them as the payment of bills and taxes have started to pill up. It can only be a miracle if the congress changes its mind, and continues with the jobless claims.

The benefits provision for the people of America which was proposed for 99 weeks will be ending this very month. The claims were going to be extended by the Democrats for an additional year, but it was halted by the Republicans who stated that it will take some time to think over this subject.

As of now the unemployment rate is afloat at 9.6% and the worst part is that the financial authorities of the country have been thinking as of how they would be keeping up in providing the jobless people with their weekly income. With the jobless claims on the rise the country will be facing a real harsh time in the coming future.

Source: MSNBC


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