Asia Bizz: Verizon To Launch 4G Wireless In The US On 5th December

It is finally going to be launched and Verizon will be introducing the 4G wireless technology in the US on 5th December this year. There were rumours on the web which were going around for more than a year and finally it has been disclosed that it is Verizon who is the first to launch this technology in the US. 4G services use a technology called LTE or Long Term Evolution which will redefine web surfing on smartphones.

New York, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco, will be among the cities that Verizon will be stepping with its 4G service from the 5th December. The company states that it will be launching the service in almost 70% of market spread around the US. The company will provide the user with unimaginable surfing speed and in addition to this the user can also use Google street view facility on the phone itself.

Verizon will provide 5GB data for $50 a month and 10GB data for $80, and will charge $10 for every 1GB exceeded. It is really shocking to see that the $50 plan for the 4G service is comparatively cheaper than its existing 3G plans.

Source: cnet


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