Asia Bizz: Internet Explorer, one time the lone internet browser that had captured the market for almost more than a decade, but slowly it is indeed losing the browser race to its competitors, who are on the verge of taking its complete share in the coming years. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two browsers in the market that attracting internet users rapidly.

We can term this fall as the change in the browsing trend around the world, and indeed Google has worked very well on it. The market share of Internet Explorer fell from 62% in the beginning of the year to 58% by December. This reflects that IE has completely lost its charm and if this continues the browser will be outdated too soon.

Prior to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, there was no other browsers that had the niche of Internet Explorer, and in the 90’s it was quite ahead in terms of technology compared to others. Microsoft should really start worrying about the market situation if it wants to keep IE afloat, or else it is known that Google is quite aggressive when it comes to technology market competition.