Asia Bizz: Google Inc. has finally launched the latest Chrome 8 browser, the company made the announcement in regards to the stable build release recently. Google launched the 8.0.552.215 beta version of the Chrome, which has been launched with some new upgrades and updates. The company was successful to fix some relevant bugs on the browser and has also come up with the feature of PDF files viewing.

Google said that it has fixed some 800 bugs that were reported on the browser, and from now onwards, all Chrome applications will be usable on this browser. The PDF viewer has been developed around a sandbox technology, which was available with Google, and this same technology will be applicable with Adobe by sometime next year.

Chrome will warn the user if the PDF file or any other application will contain a malicious code before opening it. Google says that the Chrome 8 browser is twice as fast than Chrome 7. The web browser also features a brand new icon for Gmail and other applications.

Source: TechTree


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