Asia Bizz: The German car manufacturing giant, Audi, will be launching the A6 2012 version during the third quarter of next year. The company has said that the car is a whole new blend of latest technology and style, and it will be quite superior to it’s rivals when launched. One of the most exciting features of the vehicle is the daytime running LED lights and the also the rear tail lights which are made of LED too.

Photo: worldcars

The interior of the vehicle is as good as the exterior of the car, which includes top of the class leather and the dash board is complete with the latest wood finish design, that will certainly touch the drivers heart. The trunk size too has been increased, and now it measures 18.7 cubic meters.

Another point to admire in the vehicle is that, even though the A6 has been made of steel, there is quite extensive use of aluminum in the body structure of the car. As a matter of fact the car is basically 15% lighter than the same vehicle built of steel.

Under the front hood lies the 3.0-litre TFSI supercharged V6 engine, which pumps enough power to shoot this car off like a horse on a race track. With almost 300 bhp being produced, the car trots 0-100 in less than 5.5 seconds, and it is not that thirsty at all, as it drinks around 8.2L/100 Kms, a better mileage compared to the previous A6.

Source: motrealgazette


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