Asia Bizz: Japanese technology company, Sharp has launched the latest Galapagos tablets in the market and the prices are starting from ¥39,800. Sadly, the tablet will be launched on in Japan and not all over the globe, and not to mention it is really affordable. There will be two models available in the country, they are the Home and Mobile Galapagos.

Japan is the land of technology and they have worked really hard into producing a tablet that is really affordable for common middle class people. There are two sizes of these devices, one is a 5.5 inch and the other is 10.1 inch, which produces a resolution of 1024 x 600 and 1366 x 800 respectively.

The 8GB microSD model costs only Â¥4000, which is way cheaper than Apple’s 32GB iPad with Wifi only. It comes completely packed with the latest features and all that we can think is possible with this tablet. Sharp has developed this tablet with ebook and readers kept in mind and it has whole new ecosystem for the Galapagos.

Source: EnGadget