Asia Bizz: The unemployment rate in the US has touched 9.8%, and sadly the country could offer only 39,000 jobs for the month of November. Despite the decisions taken by the Federal Reserve to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy, the future of the current crisis looks quite bleak. The unemployment rate last month was the highest since April, and this has become a very huge point to worry.

Even though the country thinks of pumping cash into the economy, there is no guarantee whether there would be any positive out come from it, because there are not enough jobs to be provided in the country. What is making matters worse, is that the government is on the verge of halting the unemployment claims process, as it is not favoring the government at all.

Christmas holidays are just around the corner and people are out of jobs and are running out of money too. Critics say that the United States should think about this situation and must cut down unnecessary spending, which includes the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Source: Unemployment