The latest smartphone in the American market, the Motorola Droid 2, is said to have exploded near a man’s ear. Aron Embry, the victim resident of Cedar Hill, Texas stated that his new Motorola Droid 2 smartphone exploded near his ear. Aron recalls that he was talking on his new cellphone when it allegedly popped, damaging the skin of his ear.

Cellphones do explode, but it happens only when the conditions are unfavorable, like being trapped inside the pocket, purse or anywhere else, but Embry’s case is completely different. After the cellphone popped or exploded, he did not feel any pain in his ear, but rather went to his wife and showed it to her.

When his wife saw his condition she his thought that Aron had met with some sort of accident and that he had damaged his ear, but when she saw the phone she called 911. Aron required 4 stitches to seal and treat his ear. He did not suffer hearing loss nor has he sustained any serious injury, worse he does not even have an insurance, but he feels that Motorola would be paying for the damages. The company is now investigating into the matter.

Source: Switched


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