Asia Bizz: President Obama was quite happy after the finalization of US-South Korea civil deal which will be helping the United States to boost its foreign exports. The new trade deal between the two countries will highlight in doing business in context to automobile, agricultural products and other goods and services worth $11 billion, and that is a huge financial help for the debt ridden US economy.

For the moment each foreign deal for the United States is as precious as gold and they will not opt to lose such opportunities and specially from an Asian Country. The President made an official statement saying, “Last month in Seoul I directed our negotiators to achieve the best deal for American workers and companies and this agreement meets that test”.

The main aim in the President’s mind is to create as much jobs for the American work force, this will not only help boost the revenue for the economy but also provide numerous work opportunities for the US citizens. Recently South Korea has also shown interest in buying various weapons for its forces, which also will be a new feather in the American economy.

Source: Reuters


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