Asia Bizz: Sony Ericsson, Japan And Sweden’s leading cellphone production company has unveiled the latest and most rumoured Zeus Z1 PlayStation Phone, and there are some real and authentic photos of this new smartphone cum gaming console device. The PlayStation phone was one of the most rumoured and speculated gadget on the web media, but now it has been officially disclosed that this gadget does exist.

The latest YouTube video has wiped out all the doubts and scepticism that existed among many people. This latest smartphone is running on the Google Android operating system, supposedly the Gingerbread 2.3. In addition to this the users can access games on the this phone via the PlayStation application.

Sony will not need to custom build the Google Android for the Zeus Z1, because the Android can easily adopt with the PlayStation app. One of the biggest questions now, is that whether the phone will be using the PSP titled games in it, and not to mention there are rumours of the PSP2 to be launched very soon. This is a very unique phone by Sony Ericsson and it will be having a strong price tag too.

Source: Technologizer