Asia Bizz: The latest reports show that AOL Inc. is planning to break up and merge its content department with Yahoo. For the moment the company is looking at this move on an exploratory stage, and it has not yet approached Yahoo for the deal. According to Reuters, there were some unidentified personnels from the company who having these plans.

AOL is already facing some really harsh times in the internet business, and now as per the plans it will be selling of its dial up business to another service provider who can really make the business boom. In the past we have also seen that Bing and Yahoo too have come together to take over Google’s search dominion.

Time Warner Inc. had taken over AOL in the year 2000, in a move to make itself known on the internet also, but since some years it has been seen that the business has been moving too sloppy and as a result the company now feels that they should give up the business and merge with a better company.

Source: WSJ


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