Asia Bizz: The news is indeed true, and Google has finally launched the much awaited Google eBooks an online book store which will be having more ebooks on its website than Amazon and Apple combined. Amazon and Google finally locked horns, as the search engine company has stepped in new shores which has been dominated by competitors like Amazon and Apple’s App Store.

This latest online book store will be containing more than 3 million titles, which will range from new released famous best sellers to out of copy right editions. Currently the market is being dominated by Amazon, but Google here has a wider opportunity to step in and make difference by providing the people with a lot to read.

The reason Google will be having more publications in its online library is because of its name and access to almost every prominent website. Google only has the fear of Amazon Kindle, which is really affordable and cheap and in additions to that their ebook editions are relatively priced fairly. But according to the James Crawford the man behind Google eBooks, he said “Our pricing strategy is to be competitive’.

Source: Reuters


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