Asia Bizz: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) has been announced with an improvement in the browser, which is set to protect users from sharing data on the internet. The anti-tracking tool will help users by creating a list of data that the user wants to share with other sites online.

Reports state that the improvement was made after the US government was criticized for slow progress made in the computer industry and in terms of the the user’s protection policy. Microsoft, in a blog statement, said that many users do not realize that when they surf on the internet, the information they view is also viewed by other websites — without the knowledge of the user.

IE9 will provide the user with “Tracking Protection Lists”, which will allow the user to choose on which websites this should be allowed. Microsoft also said that users can make and share the list with others, so that others can also be protected.

The previous versions of the tool are expected to be included in the IE9 version, which will be released in early 2011.


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