Asia Bizz: There is some really bad news for the employees at the Japanese Airlines, as the company will be dismissing some 200 pilots and cabin attendants by the 31st December. This dismissal is a part of the failed revival plan for the company, as it had previously decided a job reduction target for the company. These staffs will be provided with voluntary retirement from the airlines which is a massive push out of jobs.

The Japanese Airlines was almost completely bankrupt and as a move to revive, the company has decided to restructure the whole airlines. Officials have stated that the staff to be dismissed will be notified as a early as next week.

According to the plan, the company has decided to bring down the personnel count to 32,600, cutting out roughly 16000 jobs or 30% pf the workforce from the company. As per the revival process, JAL is deciding to dismiss some 110 pilots and 90 cabin attendants from the airlines. JAL Cabin Crew Union will be staging a strike on the 24th and 25th December in a move against the company’s jobs cuts.

Source: JapanToday


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