Asia Bizz: Sony and Sharp, Japanese technology giants are now battling it out by launching their respective e-readers in the market. The companies have successfully launched their devices on Friday, and they are looking quite firm with their motives to come back as technology giants in the world. Sony and Sharp will be releasing their e-readers in almost 13 countries around the world.

Since the year 2007, Japan left the reader market and had started focusing on mobile phones and other devices. Sharp on the other hand has launched the Galapagos Tablet PC which is more than just a reader, and this also brings this company back into the tech market after a halt of many years.

The new devices will allow customers to receive e-newspapers and magazines on a monthly basis, just similar to the Apple iPad. Japan had recently lost its touch in manufacturing technological devices that could aspire customers to them by featuring exciting tech goodies, but now they want to come back with a bang. Sharp and Fujitsu manufactured phones in the past which were years ahead in terms of technology, as they provided internet access and cameras on them.

Source: StraitsTimes


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