Asia Bizz: Microsoft finally will be releasing a massive security update, which will be the final fix to tackle the Stuxnet worm issue on Windows devices. Iran on the other hand is still not out of the threat of this cyber attack, the congress states that this could only be the beginning of a cyber war. The update will refuse the worm from bypassing into the computer and limit the extent of damage.

The Stuxnet virus came into the limelight for the first time when it was reported that there was a cyber attack on Iran’s Nuclear facility. The update will also reduce the threat level the virus had over vulnerable devices around the nation.

Iran has been assuring the world that the Stuxnet attack has been contained, but reports say that there are still attacks taking place within the country. According to Microsoft, people from Iran will be the most number of visitors and downloaders on Microsoft’s website. One of the experts even feel that Iran will basically remove all their computers from the Nuclear facility and then start rebuilding it once again from scratch.

Source: Vista


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