Asia Bizz: After more than 22 months of the announcement of the Google Latitude application, Apple iPhone has finally got it. It was announced during the month of February 2009, and was rejected by the App Store, but as of now they have finally launched it on the iPhone. This is a very unique application which helps the users to spot their friends wherever they are on the globe.

This application uses the multitasking facility on the iOS 4 which comes on the iPhone, and then picturizes the person with the location in the background. The application features facilities, to find your friends who are nearby, shows their current location and also ones own location with others.

The Google Latitude application was rejected for the fact that Google and Apple were in dispute over the matter of Google Voice. Initially Apple stated that this software will be creating loads of confusion with the preloaded maps in the phone itself.

Source: AppleInsider


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