Asia Bizz: ‘Openleaks’ a new whistle blowing website will be launched very soon and the website will be a direct rival to Wikileaks. Openleaks is owned by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former deputy in the Wikileaks project. The new whistle blower has been christened as, and for the moment there is no content on the website, only the words ‘Coming Soon’ is written on it.

Domscheit-Berg was interviewed lately and he refused to speak or comment over the situation of Wikileaks or his personal rivalry with the website. He added that the website has lost its path and also its mission. Openleaks on the other hand will be showing and advertising the world, leaked classified information, without being the publisher itself.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have been pulled down by the force of the US authority, and Assange is in a prison where he is under the custody of UK. Sweden on the other hand wants him, as he has been charged of sex crimes. Openleaks owner has said that the website will be taking off in early 2011, as there would be some trials that it will need to undergo, before they finally launch it.

Source: Reuters


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