Asia Bizz : The growth of Asia has led to a huge jump in the sales of the Google Android operating system in smartphones. A lot of Google Android based smartphones are doing really well and in Asia, the sales are much higher than Apple Inc.

Most recent rate studies say that since summer, the smartphones with Google Android are selling almost twice than that of Apple iPhone. Andy Rubin, who is the executive for the Google mobile software efforts, said that sales have boomed in countries like India, Indonesian and Brazil in South America.

The main reason that Google is pushing it’s mobile software, is so that they can now guarantee that they reach users with their search as well as their advertising services, instead of relying on other handsets like the ones introduced by Apple. The Google Android software has been included in many handsets and compete well with the Blackberry’s and the iPhones.

Mr Rubin also further said that,

“After the US, we saw Asia go crazy.” The sales have been huge since the past 4 months in Asia.

Around 300,000 Android-based handsets are activated everyday. Apple has roughly 150,000 a day based on reports in September.

Source: CNN


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