Asia Bizz: American technology giant, Apple Inc has invested heavily in Toshiba’s LCD plant, in a scope to enhance its supplies, as Toshiba will be providing Apple with LCD’s for its future phones — which also includes the iPhone. Apple for the moment has refused to comment over the investment subject.

The factory that will be manufacturing LCD’s, is scheduled to come up in Ishikawa Prefecture, a region which falls on the west of Japan. The plant will be manufacturing LCD panels for computers and television use, plus LCD’s for Toshiba’s own cellphones. The investment needed in this plant is a massive $1.2 billion. As of now, Toshiba has the capacity to build around 8.5 million LCD panels per month, and the upcoming plant will surely double this capacity.

Apple on the other hand, has sought Toshiba to manufacture the LCD for its iPhone — in the past Sharp and Sanyo had to contract to do so. One will be surprised over the change of suppliers, but Apple is not, as it is currently researching into the market and is expected to find companies that will be profitable to them.

Source: Cnet


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