Asia Bizz: Microsoft Corp. is rumoured to reveal the Windows 8 operating system at the CES 2011. The rumour could be termed as heavy, for the Windows 7 has made strong success in the market, but it does have some flaws, as some applications wont work on the OS. There are many rumours as such that are moving around the web, and that this is creating some sort of discomfort for many speculators, as they feel the next operating system could not be released before 2012.

One news could be sure that, the company could be unveiling its Tablet or Slate, to compete against the iPad and other tablet PC’s in the market. What is making the news more interesting is that various devices will be showcased that will be running on Windows.

Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung and Dell could in the list of devices that will be showcasing Window based operating systems. It is really exciting to hear that these devices will be running applications developed on the HTML5 platform, which the latest type of software technology in store, and Microsoft is the one that has enhanced it.

Source: techspot


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