Asia Bizz: Motorola Defy smartphone is a mobile that has been recently launched, but there are some issues regarding this device. Customers are complaining that the Motorola Defy is suffering from faulty speaker issue. Customer and users of the this phone are saying that they are facing problems with the ear speakers of this phone, which causes problems when receiving or making calls.

It is said that a person can pick up and receive a call, but will need to switch on the loud speaker to communicate, as the ear speakers fail to operate. Motorola on the other hand had claimed that this smartphone is built for rugged use and is of the best quality, but as of now the company has not officially spoken about this issue.

The Defy runs on the Google Android operating system, has a 5 mega pixel camera and also features Wi-fi connectivity. The phone is powered by a 800 MHz TI OMAP3610 processor, and has a Swype qwerty touch keyboard in the offering.

Source: Ubergizmo