Asia Bizz: The Gawker website was recently hacked and now this has forced millions of users around the world to reset the passwords on many of the major websites. Yahoo, LinkedIn and Twitter have asked its users to reset their account passwords after the famous gossip website was officially hacked. World Of Warcraft has requested millions of its online gamers to change their login passwords for a security assurance.

World Of Warcraft owner and creator, Blizzard has said that the request to its millions of members was a part of a security assurance that their account would be safe. Twitter on the other hand came under the grip of the cyber attack, but there was less credible damage to its users.

Various websites and companies around the world have officially recognized the attack and as a safety measure they have forewarned their members to be careful and change their account passwords. A LinkedIn spokesperson has said that this measure is very necessary, it will be securing the users and members from any such sort of attack in the future.

Source: BBC


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