Asia Bizz : One of the largest bookstore will open in Japan on the 22nd of December 2010 in the city Osaka by operators Maruzen Co and Junkudo Co. This bookstore will be large when floor space will be taken into account.

The total amount of floor space will be around 6,800 square meters and will be between the 1st floor and the seventh floor.

The building is situated in the Umeda district. The bookstore is said to store approximately 2 million books and aims to have any book that a customer needs. The Osaka book store will be the third bookstore by operators Maruzen Co and Junkudo Co. The other two stores are situated at Tokyo and Hiroshima.

Lets hope that this bookstore will do well for people in the city of Osaka. Apart from this the other store’s in Tokyo and Hiroshima are doing really well and with a large collection of books, this sure will be one stop place for the average reader.

Sources: JapanToday