Asia Bizz: Toshiba, the Japanese based electronics manufacturer, is reportedly going to set up a LCD manufacturing plant in Egypt. The company can see that the Middle East and the neighboring Asian countries have a huge market for LCD television, plus the company is also following the motto of ‘Local Production Local Distribution’. Toshiba will be entering into a joint venture with Egypt’s Eruarabi company, on a 51-49% ratio.

This will be the first Toshiba LCD production plant for Africa and also for the Middle East. In terms of economy and finance, this plant will cut the cost of transportation and packaging by huge margin. Toshiba is expecting that along with Eruarabi, it will extend it’s sales volume towards Africa and the Middle East.

The new plant is based in more than 11000 sq.mtrs of land and will house more than 300 employees at a time, with a production capacity of 600000 units annually. This will also become the largest LCD manufacturing factory in Africa in terms of output.

Source: AV.Watch


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