Asia Bizz: Yahoo Inc. major search engine website after Google, is said to start shutting down its subsidy websites like Yahoo Delicious, Yahoo Buzz, AltaVista etc, as the company is on a move to streamline its infrastructure. Websites that will be soon chopped down include Yahoo Picks,, Yahoo Bookmarks, MyBlogLog. Website planned to be merged include Fire Eagle, Upcoming, Sideline, FoxyTunes, Yahoo Events, and Yahoo People Search.

A yahoo spokeswoman stated that one of the main moves to streamline the company includes shutting down under-performing and unproductive products, and concentrate more on core business strategies which will help the company build strong revenue.

The Spokesperson also added that Yahoo has been consistently monitoring its products and has decided to shut down some selected websites that have proved to be unproductive for the company. Even though the company is looking forward to strong growth on the basis of shutting down incapable websites, many are just not happy with this decision of yahoo.

Source: PCMag


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