Asia Bizz: In one of the most shocking news recently in the world of technology was the Gawker website hack, after which ID safety has now become a point of huge concern. A week has almost passed by after the gossip giant was hacked, and now the Gawker Media group engineers are working hard to keep its users safe from any such attacks in the future.

World of Warcraft, Gilt Gossip and Yahoo have now advised all their users, that they should think of resetting their passwords, especially after putting light on the Gawker incident. There are an estimate 1.3 million users who have their membership on Gawker, and the above websites have advised them to change the passwords to avoid any type of identity leak.

LinkedIn on the other has disabled some of its users account and has emailed them to reset their passwords. After the series of attack that took place on Gawker, it has ignited everyone’s thoughts about security and safety on the web. For technology has enhanced the capability to hack and disrupt accounts and privacy of people on the web in a more sophisticated manner.

Source: FoxBusiness


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