Asia Bizz: Nokia, cellphone manufacturer from Finland has filed a suit against Apple Inc. as the company says that the American company has infringed its very own patents in Europe. The mobile manufacturer has filed a suit in Britain, Netherlands and Germany simultaneously. According to Nokia, Apple infringed as many as 13 patents, which also includes a simple touch screen feature.

Nokia’s legal team will now expect Apple to pay them royalty that they have earned by selling devices with the infringed patents in them. Apple is a rival to Nokia, as the company’s sales have plunged since the iPhone entered the market in the year 2007, and changed the phase of smartphone technology.

Nokia Vice President, Paul Melin has said “The Nokia inventions protected by these patents include several which enable compelling user experiences,” According to the suit, Nokia says that Apple is illegally using its patented technology on the iPad, iPod and iPhone devices. Apple on the other hand has not commented or even replied about the suit filed by Nokia.

Source: NewYorkTimes


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