Asia Bizz: China is a huge market in Asia and the American technology company, Dell, is looking forward to get huge sales in the Chinese mainland. In a shocking revelation, it is said that Dell will be spending around $250 billion in China alone by the next 10 years,as they will be investing and procuring brands. Dell has doubled its forecast figures in the country, as it had foreseen a business worth $100.

Amit Midha, Dell’s head of Greater China and South Asia, has said that the company is going to forecast around $25 billion this year itself, and if it going to continue with this rate then it will be investing around $250 billion by the end of this decade.

Mr. Midha has said that “China, all of a sudden, is starting to become the centerpiece for us,”. These words indicate that Dell will be playing an important role in Chinese mainland, especially in the technology sector. Dell Inc. is currently world no.3 computer and technological devices manufacturer, and similar to the motives of its rivals HP and Lenovo, it will be looking ahead into cloud services and mobile devices.

Source: ChinaDaily


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