Asia Bizz: China and the European Union trade relations could be really hampered due to the ongoing EU debt crisis. The outcome of whether the two states will be having a successful trade future will be depending on the fact as how Europe handles its debt issue. The ministry of Commerce states that they want China and EU to join hands and have better prospects at the Doha talks.

China has also stated that it will like to have better bilateral trade relations with the European Union, but the economy has been raising concerns for the Chinese. China is currently the largest trade partner to the EU and the second largest exporter, but EU on the other hand has always been aggressive in its trade protectionism against China.

The European Economy along with the American, has been in a very bad state, especially after 2009, since then many growing economies like China and India have a scare towards their trade policies and relations with these regions.

Source: ChinaDaily


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