Asia Bizz: Skymark International Airlines is a low cost airline company from Japan and has its headquarters at the Tokyo International Airport, reports state that airlines is looking forward to expand its current fleet to 40-50 aircraft’s in the span of 4 years. As of now the airlines is having only 17 aircraft’s, and thus the business performance is quite average.

The airlines is also planning to increase the number A380’s to 15, and will be introducing six of them by the year 2014. The Airbus will be used for long haul travel, but the leased Boeing’s will be used for short distances like Japan, China and South Korea. The President of the Airlines also made a proud statement saying, that when they will be having a big fleet, then there is no doubt, future destinations could also be Europe.

The Airlines in the month of November announced that it had reached a basic agreement with Airbus, who will be supplying them with six aircraft’s in the next four years and an additional number of more aircraft’s as an optional contract. The President also assured that there is no worry about the funds needed to purchase these air crafts.

Source: JapanToday


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