Asia Bizz: Video game giant, Activision, has sued Electronic Arts (EA), and is now seeking compensation worth $400 million. Activision has sued EA over the the ‘Call Of Duty’ video game series that it has been releasing consistently since many years. In addition to this Activision will be adding EA as the defendant in the case, which basically pinpoints two former employees of the company who helped develop ‘Call Of Duty’.

The two game developers, Jason West and Vincent Zampella, had sued Activision and asked for royalty payments and damage worth $36 million, but later Activision counter sued them. The company states that the two have broke an agreement to develop games for Activision rather they went ahead and did it for Electronic Arts.

After such a behaviour by the two developers and EA, the company has officially said in a filing that as a result of all this Activision has not suffered damages worth millions but hundreds of millions. The Call of Duty:Black Ops is the latest instalment in the Call of Duty series, and had instantly become a hit, which has earned the company more than a billion dollars this year itself.

Source: DailyFinance