Asia Bizz: Wikileaks is under pressure once again and this time it is Apple, as the technology giant has removed the website’s application from its app store, but surprisingly Google has kept the application for its Android devices. Apple now has its name in the list of companies that has shunned its links with Wikileaks, as the company officials state the website has violated its guidelines.

Photo: androidzoom

Google on the other hand has turned out to be a saviour for Wikileaks, as it has kept more than half a dozen application running on its online store which can be used for its Android devices around the world. This will allow the users to have access to one of the most controversial websites in the world, and also get its updates and data.

These are just vital signs as of how strict Apple is for its iPhone and iPad based platforms, when it comes to safe content. Google is quite lenient by the way, and there are applications that alerts a user whenever a new cable is actually released. Now there is a scare everywhere that cyber attackers who support Wikileaks, hack websites that have distant themselves from Wikileaks, Apple may the next target.

Source: Reuters


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