Asia Bizz: China has now started impressively taking care of its people and this can be seen when the country has raised the pensions of the retired citizen and has raised student stipend plans around China. The pension plans will be rising by 140 yuan a month, which will fall in effect from the 1st Jan 2011.

The government has stated that the pensions will be distributed to the retired citizens before the approach of the Spring Festival in the month of February next year. The rise in pensions will be a good surprise and will provide the people with an extra financial capacity during the festive season.

Students on the other hand too will be receiving a treat from the government, as China has decided to increase the student stipends by more than 50%, to 3000 yuan a year. Stipend is provided to students who are financially unwell and are having tough times to to college tuitions fees. This money will be providing relief to students in the country, as the commodities for day to day living have become quite expensive around China.

Source: ChinaDaily


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