Asia Bizz: The ongoing Skype outage has started to affect millions of people worldwide, and as a matter of fact they are facing sever problems. People were experiencing problems as dropped calls and inability to connect while they tried to use the Skype service. It is the second time the world’s largest VOIP service provider is experiencing widespread outage.

Skype officials stated that Skype services is something that is quite different, when a phone line service is affected it is limited to a certain geographic area, but then Skype is on a worldwide base. The exact cause of the outage has not been told, but Skype has personally apologized for the inconvenience.

Prior to Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Ebay too have experienced similar network outages worldwide. Skype has intimated all its customers through Twitter, and has said that they are trying their best to solve it as soon as possible. They are working on some alternatives to restart Skype services as soon as possible.

Source: LATimes


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