Asia Bizz: Financial Times has officially named Steve Jobs as the person of the year 2010. As TIME had announced Facebook’s, Mark Zuckerberg aas the person of the year, Financial Times announced Mark’s rival, Steve Jobs as their person of the year. There is no doubt that Steve’s company, Apple has been performing extremely well this year, not to mention the two very successful quarters, the company is just stepped onto a new level of performance.

It was only because of Steve, Apple finally launched the iPad, a tablet PC cum an ebook reader. It was a device that redefined technology to a different level itself. Then came the iPhone, a device that got shrouded with antenna issues, but it managed to be a very successful product in the market, and became one of the most sold phones in the year 2010.

Apple today has made an unique recognition for itself and has been considered as one of the best technology and gadget manufacturer in the world. In one way a person can state that Apple deserves Steve and Steve deserves Apple, they belong to each others existence.

Source: Mashable


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