Asia Bizz: Japan is still under the grip of economic instability and as of now the jobless rate in the country is stagnant at 5.1%. For the month of November, the rate remained unchanged to previous month’s 5.1%, the number of jobless people in the country remained around 3.18 million. The figure was researched and disclosed by the Kyodo News Agency Japan.

After looking into the job ratio in the country it remained at 0.57 in the month of November compared to the 0.56 of last the previous month, it means that only 57 jobs were available for every 100 persons in the country. It may not be as disappointing as it was previously, but the statistics remained the same.

130,000 jobs were provided in the year 2010, compared to the jobless figures in the year 2009. There are number of jobs rising around the country but the exact figure as of now is not available. Compared to the situation earlier this year, Japan has been recovered strongly to its jobless rates and economic condition around the country. There is bad news for the people around Japan, and it has been predicted that the people will be losing a number of jobs even in the coming year, by the month of March 2011.

Source: JapanToday