Asia Bizz: Moscow International Airport has been reported to resume all its operations after it was temporarily closed due to the heavy snowstorm that went across Europe. A spokesperson of the Domodedovo Airport, Moscow’s largest airport has said that all flights will be operational as scheduled, but there will be some marginal delays.

The situation and the condition at the airport is completely back to normal, and by the next day everything will be working as scheduled. The 26th and 27th December flights will not be delayed but the 28th flights will depart soon. The snowstorm has affected almost the entire northern hemisphere, and air traffic is something that has been affected the most

According to the airport spokeswoman, two flights have been delayed due to bad weather in the destined region. The Russian President has personally asked the General to inspect the condition of the airport and report whether everything is fine. Northern Europe and most parts of Russia have been under the grip of severe weather that has been prevailing this entire month.

Source: CNN


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