Asia Bizz: HP’s DreamScreen 400 is a screen that has enhanced the technology level in the world of PC Screens. As per the analysts, they say the DreamScreen which is built specifically for Indian customers, is getting great importance by the customers in the country. It is a computing device as a whole and it should not be confused as computer.

Experts have defined the DreamScreen 400 as ‘an internet-enabled home computing and media consumption device for the technologically disinclined’. Yes it indeed redefines technology to a different extent, and this is something that the country is really proud to have. HP has worked on this machine and they have come up with a device that is exquisite and fair to handle.

The device comes loaded with four USB ports, Ethernet connectivity port, DVD ROM, SD slot and microphone/headphone jack. It can connect to Wi-fi, has an inbuilt webcam and sensitive touch screen which is loaded with intuitive icon-based interface. These features in just one screen makes it completely unique than its other competitors in the Indian market. The DreamScreen is totally a value for money device and it will surely satisfy the user for every cent that has been paid.

Source: EconomicTimes


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