Asia Bizz: China has been ever strict when it comes to technology, and this time the country has shut down over 60,000 pornographic websites. In the year 2010, China has become of the most successful country in the around the world that has prohibited adult content over the web in their country. More than 5000 suspects have been held by the concerned authorities who are connected in publishing obscene materials on the internet.

China has announced that this move is a campaign that will be prohibit the viewing of obscene materials on the web via cellphones and computers, for this is hampering the emotional health of the children in the country. Critics on the other hand are accusing China’s move to shut down pornographic websites, but the head of State Council Information Office says this is a vital move.

According to officials at the State Council Information Office, they say they have been quite successful in their campaign against pornographic websites on the web, and have made China’s internet atmosphere very healthy. He has added that they will continue with this work and will keep stopping people with bad motives on the internet.

Source: Reuters


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