Asia Bizz: Earlier this year there were reports that stated, BlackBerry allowed the Indian government to gain access to its encrypted data, but sadly this is not true. The Canadian company has said that it is just not ‘technologically feasible’ for India to access the encrypted data of BlackBerry. India on the other hand has asked the company to install servers in the country so that they can access through the data and avoid any incident similar to 26/11.

The earlier reports that were published by the Indian press are false, says BlackBerry, for it has not provided the country direct access to its data encryption. Installing servers in India is completely meaningless, as the encrypted data still remain the same.

On the other hand BlackBerry has said that it will work closely with the Indian government, so that they can gain access to the consumer service. Even though this statement has been issued by the Canadian firm RIM, the Indian authorities dont seem to be satisfied.

Source: HindustanTimes


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