Asia Bizz: There are more rumours in context to the Apple iPad 2 that are surfacing on the web, whether it may be real or not, it looks that the existence of this device is surely going to be real.

Digitimes, a Taiwan based website has claimed that Apple will be launching three different versions of Apple iPad2, one will be having accessibility to Wifi, the other will connect to Wifi and UMTS (universal mobile telecommunication system), and the third will connect CDMA and Wifi.

UMTS is a technology that has been derived to connect to 3G, and AT&T and T-Mobile are using the same sort of technology to access web on its 3G devices. CDMA is a technology that is used by Sprint and Verizon, it is called Code Division Multiple Access. The entire information on the website has been provided by an unknown source.

The website also states that Apple is looking forward to spread its connectivity range, which includes CDMA and UMTS, as 60-65% of Apple iPad’s are running 3G. Resources also state that the company is working on a technology that will be reducing the smudges on the iPad screen. If the information is true then it will really be a great tablet.


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