Asia Bizz: As the year 2011 arrived, the issues regarding the Apple iPhone once again surfaced and this time from Asia. There are complaints coming in from the east side of the world, stating, the iPhone alarm malfunctioned on the first working day itself. Complaints can be seen on almost all social networks, and this is really sad to see, that for the third straight day, the iPhone alarm failed to go off.

Apple on the other hand had promised that the alarm will be working correctly, but still the iPhone clocks failed once again. Reports show that the problems are not limited to the iPhone only, but also the other gadgets from Apple like the iPod and the iPad too.

Apple has not yet come forward and commented over this issue, but they had promised the clocks will be functioning normally from the 3rd of January. The problem with iPhone is that it had failed to recognize the daylight savings time around the globe, and as a reason it was fluctuating with its alarms.

Source: Reuters


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